FPR Blog 71: Profiling People on Twitter. A Questionable New Government Project.

What is our government up to these days?

In the past, United States agencies have been involved in many illegal acts. 

The clandestine community has had its fair share of scandals. 

Allowing drug and gun trafficking to fund secret wars. 

Economic hitmen to overthrow foreign leaders.

These agencies do not believe in the right to privacy, warrants, courts or our constitution.

How much farther can they go in this day and age?

How about storing every single tweet into the library of congress. That’s old news, but there’s something else going on.

You know how advertisers get you by what you search and post on social media?

Well, the government is doing the same exact thing with our twitter accounts to profile us.

That’s some pretty scary crap. Even more so after reading the headline on Activist Post.

Beware Twitter Users: Your Tweets Help The Government Predict The Future

I’m posting a part of the story and the link to it.

If you follow me you know that my blogs and twitter posts are less than obedient. 

Using words like government, lies, resist and expose could profile me anti-government. 

But, if you really read and listen to me and my content then you know how grateful and proud I am to be an American.

It’s being an American that doesn't just allow me to question and point out corruption that the mainstream media isn’t covering, it demands as an American that I do just that..

As an American I’m supposed to question, questionable actions by our government. I’m supposed to question candidates and elected officials. I have to question what I’m told by the mainstream news.

So let me say before I post this, I am not afraid. 

I feel free because I feel if I’m taken away for what I write, that’s the day I can say it’s too late. Now we have to fight.

Here’s a bit of the Activist Post written by Joshua Krause.   

When it comes to whatever social media platform we use on a regular basis, most of us take it for granted that these websites are spying on us in some capacity. 

Granted, many social media users don’t know or don’t care, but everyone else at least implicitly agrees that in exchange for using these websites for free, their posts will be data mined for information that can be used to target them with ads.
However, the personal information and opinions that we put out on social media doesn’t just provide commercial opportunities for advertisers. 

It’s a veritable goldmine for governments as well. Everything that people used to keep to themselves in previous generations, is now willingly shouted into the Internet abyss for all to hear. 

Social media users often feel free to share their most controversial, subversive, and inflammatory thoughts on a platform that could reach millions of people. It’s kind of crazy when you think about it, but it’s the world we live in today.

Read the whole story here ActivistPost.com

Thanks for reading and please share the information. The more people that know the more power we have...

Spread the word, expose the truth, it's never too late.

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