Diabetes is one shitty disease. It's fucking horrible at times. 

Well, I guess AIDS may be worse, but still. 

Crazy thing about me is that my AIDS gives people superpowers. 

I'd try to be all macho and say women, but I'm not macho. 

So obviously I have diabetes. I hope I don't have to say that the AIDS thing was a joke... 

I wasn't born with diabetes. I contracted it one night back in 2013 from what I've been told. I have trouble believing it though.

I allegedly ended up in the back of one of those off brand busses that take you in and out of New York, in just my underwear with a Mexican couple. 

I think the wife is just trying to scare me straight. We were "allegedly" eating Mexican deserts. 

However, we were drinking. I do remember meeting the couple at a... Well, Mexican bar in Hudson County. 

The thing is that I Mexi-can't remember anything else other than waking up in hospital with a diabetic diagnoses.

I fucking hate it. Injections, needle pricks, vision loss, low energy and dramatic attacks…

Sometimes my sugar drops so low it causes such a huge amount of sweat that if collected would solve Africa's water shortages. Then there's the numbing of the arms and weird internal pains in my legs.

You ever hear a terminally ill, stage four cancer patient talk about when he or she (#feminism) started to think they should see a doctor? It's almost always some weird pain in their leg or some shit like that.

Fuck it all... 

I don't want to lose a limb. How fucking embarrassing for someone as gorgeous as me to have only one foot?
I guess I could become a goalie at street soccer. There is that... 

Only thing I really wish throughout this bullshit, is that I stay alive long enough to see my boys hit 18 or 21. I never really cared about living or dying before but kids change that shit.

So, now I have to attach a device onto my body. One that goes into my arm like a nail into wood. And it stays on for two weeks at a time. 

It has an app... What doesn't these days? 

It allows me to check my blood sugar without pricking my finger tips a bunch of times a day which, at risk of sounding like a pussy boy, HURTS.

I didn't want a device attached to me like some fucking body piercing with electronic components in it. But now between the pain in the balls it is to have to stop and pinch my fingers and then stab myself everyday, I've given up the fight. 

Unfortunately, the stabbing is with a small needle and not a butcher knife.

I'm not one for warnings and PSA's on how people should behave or what they should or should not eat or take, but watch your sugar 
intake folks. This shit is not fun at all. 

The medication you have to take for it isn't any fun either. At least if it got you high, but it don't.

I must say though, the thought of putting this thing into and on me wasn't frightening, but I wasn't down with the idea of it. However, it now makes me think of the possibilities of electronics
and human symbiosis. 

The whole trans humanism idea…

Chips and electronic pills that can turn your fingers into alligator clips and your brain into a supercomputer. And sooner than later 3-D organ printing, for fuck sake. 

What's next, cyborg body parts? Which I have to admit sounds pretty interesting.

Anyway, we'll see if this shit helps me or not. 

Moving on...

The Goya Boycott.

All I have to say on this is, well this... 

I don't know how it took for Goya to publicly support President "EH" to boycott it. I haven’t touched a Goya product in years. 

Has anyone ever eaten Goya foods and not had their assholes inflamed like a California wildfire the next day? 

That’s it, that’s all I have on that.

Moving on...

Last thing I'm covering are hard times. 

Yes, we are going through some hard times. 

However, I don't remember anything being as hard as the day I had to explain to my wife why she needed to take antibiotics for my kidney infection.

And with that, I'm out. 

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Thank you so much for reading.

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