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Gary Stephan Webb was born in Corona, California on August 31, 1955.

He died on December 10, 2004 from two “self inflicted” gunshots to the back of the head. 

His death was officially ruled a suicide.

I’ll get into that load of bullshit a little later in the blog…

Gary Webb was an american investigative journalist. His tenure spanned over two decades. He was professionally active from 1980 up until his ridiculously, blatant suspicious death in 2004.

Webb attended Northern Kentucky University, where he studied his trade.

His most notable positions were at ‘The Cleveland Plain Dealer’ and ‘The San Jose Mercury News’... 

The Mercury newspaper was where he became nationally recognized after publishing an extensive series of articles he personally investigated due to an obligatory sense of duty upon discovering that the CIA might have been responsible for South Central, L.A., followed by the rest of the country’s crack cocaine problem.

That story he wrote was called ‘Dark Alliance’...

He would go on to resign from his position at the San Jose Mercury News not long after Dark Alliance’s publishing. After his resignation he would write ‘Dark Alliance’ the book.

Gary Webb’s exposure of the CIA’s operational illegalities may have caused him a lot of grief and maybe even his death, but it also caused a loud call for investigations and congressional hearings.

Here is the March 16, 1998 House Intelligence Committee Hearing as it was broadcasted on CSPAN…



In and around that time, he was a frequent call in and studio guest of a talk show on CSPAN called ‘Washington Journal’... 

He would answer caller’s questions and debate in a professional manner with other callers who weren’t buying the story that the CIA would involve themselves in a drug ring for any reason at all.

Here are a few videos I found on, what I call “youtube university”...




CSPAN’s Washington Journal was not the only platform Gary Webb used to speak on the conspiracy and defend himself from the character assination attacks he had been facing. 

Here is a recording of a 1999 radio show, Alternative Radio which features Webb explaining to a live audience the who and how the Dark Alliance between the Contras, Iran, Drug Traffickers and the Central Intelligence Agency. 


Gary Webb also appeared on the Montel Williams daytime talk show in October 1996 a few months after the Dark Alliance story appeared in the San Jose Mercury News. On that episode Webb was joined by Michael Levine who was a deep cover agent for the ‘Hard Narcotics Smuggling Unit’. A hardcore law enforcement human kick ass machine team made of loyal and tough men. Levine served in U.S. Customs and later for the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Montel Williams also had Joseph Goulden who was the Director of Media analysis for ‘Accuracy In Media’ (AIM) who was defending the CIA and calling Webb’s reporting a malpractice of journalism. 

Also featured on the show was Joe Madison a Radio Talk Show Host from WWRC in Washington D.C. who asks the question of why the issue of the CIA’s involvement in drug trafficking was not being investigated thoroughly. 

Madison believes that the government was involved in narcotics trafficking and deliberately brought crack into the united states. 

LINK TO THE AIM REPORT ON DARK ALLIANCE (1996) https://aim.org/publications/aim_report/1996/10b.html 

Later on the show, Congressman Charlie Rangle is announced and he goes on to say that he and his colleagues just want the truth.

Side bar: I do not trust Charles Rangel. He was charged with 13 counts, 11 of which he was convicted on for ethical violations... 

Included in the 13 counts was, accepting gifts of 50 dollars or more. He failed in the requirement that members act in a way that reflects the credibility of the house of reps. 

Rangle was also convicted on charges of tax evasion and not disclosing property he owned in the Dominican Republic. He also collected rent on that property and since he did not report that he figured he didn’t need to pay taxes on the money he made from it. 

He also accepted and lived in rent controlled apartments which he had constructed a number of to make himself a larger unit, as well as using one rent controlled apartment as his campaign headquarters. 

And it is no secret that Rangel has been suspected in other corruption scams involving bribes and associations with drug kingpins of Harlem, New York. 

Rangle’s punishment for the conviction of his ethical misgivings was to be censured by his peers. 

A censure is pretty much a public shaming, which isn’t all that public. In fact it's not all that shaming either. 

Rangel was an influential congressman who was loved and admired by his peers and his constituents. 

He sat on many vitally important committees like Ways and Means, Crime, Narcotics Abuse and Control and Taxation which makes His crimes that much more despicable.  

He rode off into the sunset when he retired in 2017. Yet another career politician who got away with crimes they would have hung us normal folk for.

This was the one guest on that Montel episode I thought should not have been invited. He was part of the organization that let these bastards destroy countless lives, families and once great American cities.

Anyway, back to Gary Webb. Here is the Montel Episode he was on in 1996.


Gary Webb had an enormous amount of information on this particular subject. He also had mastered the skill of investigation having spent 9 years doing it for the Mercury Newspaper in San Jose. 

Just think about when all this went down. It was the mid eighties and Webb found out about this by sheer coincidence… I’ve heard him say he stumbled on it by mistake, but he was so good at deducing that it didn’t take long for him to piece together the parts that ended up being the whole story.

This was government corruption so deep and so large that I can see many people probably didn’t really want to know about it. 

I don’t gamble but that's because I’m not a degenerate… (Sorry that comes off way funnier when I say it out loud, on air.) But come on, you know the deal, you’re jonesing right now Frankie 4 fingers. 

Whatever, I would bet that there were 4 general feelings, different people had when it came to this mind fuck of a story… 

Number 1, “A cringe; that disturbing feeling inside, you get when something doesn’t feel right or you see something horrific. 

Number 2, “No way this is true”. “Conspiracy assholes, that’s all this is”. 

Number 3, “Um… I do not want to hear this. I don’t, I don't... I didn't want to fucking know that. I should’ve stabbed myself in each ear so that I wouldn’t have heard it. Bro, you suck for telling me.” May you haver cancer of the eyes.. Make that cancer of tongue, you loud mouth prick... 

Number 4, “I fucking knew it!!! “You see, I told you the CIA deals drugs”.

I can hear it all now…

So, the whole crack thing started, in part, because there was way too much blow being delivered and one man who was not only accepting those deliveries but was responsible for selling them. Brother could not keep up. 

{But, brother gonna work out, brother gonna work... He's as chemical brother.} 

I'll send you a hundred grand if you can tell me what that's from. Actually, it would probably get squashed in baggage claim. Those people... Yea, I said it. Those people have absolutely a grain of sugar's worth of consideration for people's luggage. Horrible.

Any how, I digress... There was too much product and not enough people that had the money to buy blow. 

Then one day out of the blue. {Hold on... Why do we say out of the blue? Does this person fall out of the sky? That's always bothered me. Anyway, someone asked the man… 

Oh wait, by the way, the man is Freeway Ricky Ross. Back to the story morning glory, over stocked and not a big enough market changed when some guy asked Freeway if he knew anything about cooking rock. 

Long story short, you know the rest. But, it did start out that way. 

The first crack head ever in the U.S. was too lazy to cook the shit himself. So Rickie put on a chef’s hat and an apron, lit the stove and got to burning. 

I imagine it didn’t take long to figure out the best part… Probably while shaking and baking Ross saw how cheap he could sell the shit for. That day must have been such a good day, that the theme song to the show ‘Good Times’ must have been on repeat in his head.

Gary Webb had, albeit sketchy, witness statements, none of which was he able to produce due to disappearances and sudden amnesia. He had legal documents and factual accounts which have since been confirmed. 

Not to mention the amount of criminally convincing circumstantial evidence that didn't take a genius to understand.

Now, if up until this point you have never heard of Gary Webb and his Dark Alliance publications, you may have heard of something from that time called ‘The Iran Contra scandal’. Which at the time was called the Iran Contra Affair.

You may have also heard of the fall guy to beat all fall guys. A man by the name of Oliver North, who was known by many as Olie North.

If there was ever a definition in a dictionary for the term ‘standing tall’ it would be his face not a sentence worth of words that you would see.

This guy looked directly into the eyes of the members of Congress. He put one hand on the bible and the other motioning the universal sign for jerking off. With body language exuding a heavy and regrettable heart calmly said, “it was my fault.'' 

Oliver North took responsibility for what would be one of, if not the biggest government corruption case in the country’s entire existence. Well, that I've heard of anyway. 

No one person could not only execute, orchestrate, run, but mastermind this enormously difficult operation. Despite knowing this, there was nothing anyone with oversight authority could do about it.

He took the jabs and hooks, licked his wounds and then poof, disappeared. 

Many years later, I would venture to say close to two decades of his disappearance he reappears. One day while flipping through the channels I see the man himself, Oliver North on FOX News hosting his own show about the history of wars. 

I think I recently heard about him on the news having to do something with the current administration, but I can’t remember and I’ve already spent way too much time researching stuff for this piece. 

Whatever the case may be in present time with Olie North he’s the perfect example of what I said before, standing tall. He kept his mouth shut, fell on his sword, stayed out of view and then was rewarded with a nice paying gig at FOX.

I’m not here trying to glorify the fact that he didn’t rat anyone out... But if you’re going to play dirty knowing the consequences of what will happen if you’re exposed you should keep your trap shut. 

There’s an old saying that goes, “if you play, you pay”. These days and to be honest for a long while now, everyone’s a tough gangster till their facing time in prison.

So, with all that down allow me to explain the wrecking ball sized nuts our government had to pull off this continuing criminal operation in the 1980s.

Ok so, here’s the story morning glory.

In and around the mid 1980s the United States was going through some stuff with a few countries… Some not so great stuff to say the least. However, around this time there were two standouts out of all the complications and conflicts we the U.S. were encountering with other nation states.

Though it was given the title, “The Iran Contra Affair”, Iran was one of the two countries involved and there was no affair, contrary to many beliefs. But, I digress…

What the hell is a contra? I imagine that some may be asking that. And no it’s not that old school cool Nintendo game I used to love playing. 

The Contras were the Nicaraguan “Freedom Fighters” that ruled the country for decades before being overthrown by the new guards, a political party and government ideal which called themselves “The Sandinista National Liberation Front”.

In the interest of full disclosure, the Nicaraguan freedom fighters were a bunch of pissed off criminals and drug traffickers that wanted to get back to making money by raping the people of that rats nest with a beach.

Sorry, but once upon a time that’s all Nicaragua was… Then these people came, saw and conquered. These people that made up the National Liberation movement which got started in the 1930s when they slapped us around during our occupation of the nation. 

There’s way more history in Nicaragua than the Contra situation.

Lord knows we do not like it when a South and Central American country doesn’t accept the fact that we expect them to follow the rules we impose on them. 

And how dare they not want us occupying their land.

The members of the Sandinista National Liberation Front did exactly that. They liberated and reinvigorated the Nicaraguan people. They accomplished a complete 180 for their motherland.

Crime went down, major drug traffickers went to prison, the streets were clean and people weren’t starving anymore. And almost as important as those feats, if not just as vital, kids were being properly educated. 

Many people looked at that as the biggest part of their victory.

So of course that was absolutely criminal, in the mind of the U.S. Government…

A government that cares for and protects its citizens and their children is appalling.  Nicaraguans cannot be successful in creating, maintaining and living in the social experiment called civil society. 

How dare they think that this kind of thing is okay?

This was the thinking of the old guard (The Contras) and the president of the United States at that time, Ronald Reagan. But, in order to strike successfully they needed weaponry. 

The Contras were flush with cocaine but throwing it in the eyes of the liberation front like baby powder in a wrestling match wasn’t going to work.

Now, many would ask why would the United States want to bother a country that’s peaceful, has no ties to enemy nation states and isn’t trying to mess with us or anyone else for that matter. 

They weren’t asking us for any type of assistance or aid. So why support the Contras when you know exactly what they are all about?

Simple answer… The Sandinista National Liberation Front were Socialists. And often Socialism turns into Communism. Who hates communists more than anyone on the entire planet? The United States of America. 

Ronald Reagan feared South & Central American countries becoming Communists therefore leaving the door wide open for the Soviet Union (Russia) to come in under the cover of assistance and be that close to North America. And that would be a disaster. There is no one better to turn to in a situation like the Contras were in.

I, to a degree, understand this way of thinking because I wouldn't want to wake up one day and have half the continent turn communist. 

It’s just way too close to us. And given how many counties are down there, many of which would welcome Russian assistance, the situation can easily turn into a bloody mess we may not do so well in.

However, this was nowhere near the case when it came to Nicaragua. Despite most likely knowing this Reagan was itching to help the so called “freedom fighters”. But when he went to Congress for permission and financing which one has to do in order to go to war, Congress said “oh hell no.'' “Ain't nobody got time for that.”

I’m sure many had a gut feeling that Reagan was going in anyway. I mean why have a secret organization that mastered the art of killing quietly and not use them? 

As crazy as it sounds Ronald Reagan ordered the CIA to do whatever it needed to do to give the Contras all the support the agency had to offer. But the CIA can’t just open and walk through the front door to the weapon warehouse and load up 18 wheelers with metal mauling mayhem.

At the same time there was an embargo on Iran, yet the players of the U.S. government said embargo shmargo. 

No weapons were to be sold to Iran over a plane or two they hijacked. This, years after hijacking an entire embassy. 

Suffice to say we closed shop, kicked sandy rocks and got the hell out of there. We haven’t been on speaking terms ever since.

To some in the United States government that was all for show. I don't think it was, but they had to tell themselves something to justify the reason and the why. 

We needed quiet money anyway, Iran needed weapons and South Central L.A. needed an enormous amount of crack cocaine… Everybody wins.

So we borrowed from Peter to pay Paul, and Ahkmed Abdulla made the delivery.

It has always baffled me how we aided both countries by selling weapons to one and using the money to buy cocaine from the other. 

Then taking the drugs and selling them in Los Angeles, which was then followed by the rest of the United States.

I’m not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, so what would I know? However, it isn’t totally off planet to think that the real reason for the operation was to get into the pockets of people in once upon a time beautiful cities and turning them into crack heads in 3rd world cesspools. Otherwise known as control.

So all this went on from the mid 80s till someone fucked up and opened their trap. That only took a couple of years, but by the time the shit had hit the fan and it was way to little, too late.

Fast forward a decade and Gary Webb gets a tip. A small piece of cheese that opened the door to ratatouille times 20. Upon following every lead which led him to almost being killed checking out a makeshift secret runway in Nicaragua.

After arriving back home to San Jose, he was ready to write. And he wrote his ass off. Well, in his case he wrote the back of his head off. 

The story was published in the San Jose Mercury Newspaper. Dark Alliance made him a national sensation, not too long before becoming a national shame.

The media ran this guy down so hard that not even receiving an important industry award could save his career... And ultimately his life. 

He quit the Mercury newspaper and shortly thereafter released the book version of Dark Alliance. He would continue the quest of looking for corroboration. 

He would continue to write and occasionally made appearances on television.  

One particular showing was for a student film produced at the School of Authentic Journalism in 2002… That was 2 years prior from his suspicious death.

Suspicious because he managed to shoot himself in the back of the head, twice.

Despite the media’s attack and their small victory, getting the Jan Jose Mercury News to back off the story and distancing Gary Webb from themselves by sending him to Cupertino, California to cover horse shit something would happen that no one could stop....

At the time this was happening to Webb the world was being ushered into the internet age. It was then that Gary Webb would get some measure of redemption. 

The story would hit the internet and many, many more eyes were laid on it. Now there was nothing the media nor the Central Intelligence agency could do about that. 

I say the media, because they mindlessly followed the Washington Post’s lead who many in the hierarchy once worked at the CIA. 

Now not only did the country but the rest of the world see just how dirty and hypocritical the U.S. Government was.

Conclusion (finally)... In light of what lessons can be learned by all of this. 

It begs the question; is the current war on drugs nowadays dubbed “The Opioid Crisis” also being run by a clandestine agency or organization like the CIA? 

Could they also be involved in the trafficking and distribution of the heroin that is killing people in our country today?

It’s not as far-fetched as many might think. 

Here’s the last time, I believe, Gary Webb was on film sharing the information he gathered over the years.


Other sources I used to gather information on Gary Webb, The Iran Contra Affair, Webb’s media character assissnation and the CIA’s involvement.

Story: Democracy NOW! Independent Global News December 16, 1997

Story: Huff-Post Politics December 10, 2014, Updated December 6, 2017

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 2
The National Security Archive 
The George Washington University

(This is pretty much a standard recount of what the media was reporting at that time)

(This is a recounting of the allegations of the CIA’s involvement in drug trafficking)

Butlincat’s blog Sunday November 30, 2014

I used Wikipedia as a source of information for these two parts because it was a straightforward historical account. 

I know anyone can change or write whatever they want on wiki therefor it isn’t the best source of information when going deep on an issue. But, it’s a decent and easy base to get you started on your own research if you in fact want to learn more about this period in American History.

Now with all of that down and done, I can move on to the portion of the show we call ‘The Other Side Of The News’.

After starting the new show, ‘The Drop In’ I realized I didn’t have a platform to sight the sources I used when sharing the information reported on the show. 

We have a Twitter account which is mostly used to promote the content on FreedomPop RadiO but Twitter moves so fast that by the time the show replays after it’s initial live broadcast people listening will not find the link to any of the sources used on the show. 

That is why I created this blog. 

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