FPR @ the BAR! A Sit Down Comedy Show.




A Sit Down Comedy Show and musical event.

Freedom Pop RadiO’s top 2 hosts Comedian Kenny K and me Tasteless T broadcast an in studio live radio talk show...

Now, we're changing it up a little.

The show will continue to feature real talk, alternative news and cool tunes.

The rest of any given episode goes like this... We shit on the mainstream by going through their headlines and ripping them apart.

We also joke around and verbally abuse and torture each other.

The best parts are, full on bad language, weird news, true stories and whole lot of laughs.

Freedom Pop RadiO's live shows also include guest co-hosts, interviews, featured indie artists, comics, indie tunes and cool music breaks.

Now we’ve taken that program from the studio, fpr HQ also known as the bunker, and we tweaked it some and turned it into a full on comedy venue show.

The FPR @ the BAR show features audience participation: trivia, general knowledge questions, history and other games/contests.

Every winner will win a beer on me.

The content is not as harsh as is Freedom Pop RadiO talk shows. However, we do stick to our traditional radio ways of making people listen and laugh.

Don’t think of it as radio guys doing stand up comedy. We actually sit down in front of our microphones and machines and we do our thing.

I know it isn’t conventional… That explanation is a little further down.

The FPR @ THE BAR SHOW is performed every Sunday from 4PM to 10PM.

Doors open at 4PM and I start spinning some cool music for our incoming guests to enjoy.

The comedy show starts Between 5PM and 6PM because I want to give people a chance to make it in before the first segment.

In the meantime I keep rocking tunes... So far the music has been enjoyed so much that I’m having a great time playing again.

The pass few shows has featured 2 talk segments throughout the event. I would like to make it 3 because people are laughing and the feedback is so positive that sometimes I don’t think I’m awake...

Therefor, I extended the event to 10PM. After that the music and drink specials continue till 2AM.

Intermission music features 80s and early 90s house music, disco, freestyle, reggae and whatever else keeps the audience smiling, bopping, singing and drinking.

This is definitely a unique idea for any venue.

When it comes to the Hudson County bar scene it’s very straightforward. Jukeboxes, djs, open mic nights, live bands, happy hour and flat screens. You always know what to expect when you’re going out in Jersey.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s awesome because the H.C. needs more spots like that. People need to be able to go out and not be surprised and annoyed while they’re trying to blow off steam.

However, I think Hudson County nightlife can be so much more than an area with average chill spots.

FPR @ the BAR is anything but straightforward.

There’s nothing routine about this weekly event. All you’ll know about what you’re going to get is that pain in your stomach that comes from laughing so hard.

Well, there’s that and great music before, in between and after this weekly variety show. Not failing to mention, the drink special; 2 dollar IPAs and a few to choose from.

So, be part of this historic evolution of what Hudson County entertainment and nightlife will be like in the near future.

This is a free event for good people of North Bergen and Hudson County.

The BAR is open 7 days a week from 3PM till 2AM and features happy hour, drink specials, pool and dart tournaments. 

We have also now started a Karaoke night on Wednesdays which I will be producing and playing.

FPR @ the BAR is a weekly event.

The show is featured every Sunday from 5PM to close.


THE BAR is located at 7512 Broadway North Bergen, NJ.

I hope you can make it out... This is the next step for Kenny, me and the Freedom Pop RadiO experiment. It would mean the world to us if you can hangout and support.

Thanks again for your time and support.

Your fearless leader tasteless t.