FPR Blog 101: Over Sensitivity Equals Major Censorship.

The sensitivity level of today has spun so out of control... 

It has surpassed any scale making the meter explode into pieces.

In today’s day and age criticism, insults, content deemed offensive by the thin skinned, jokes and truth can get many people in trouble.

To be honest I’m hoping to gain a little heat for my actions and content. 

Maybe someone will take notice by offense and the site will be famous by obliterating it from the internet. 

Cross fingers fellas and lady Hellas.

Anyway, the words I expressed up there are just that, words and we the people of the great United States of mother fucking America have the right to express and speak these words and many, many more.

You see in this country, we can tell people to fuck off no matter who they are. Politicians, elected officials, the president, bosses, the media, government agencies and dick heads who live on the internet. And you see we can do that free and safe from oppression and incarceration.

Why? Because we are not a dictatorship who doesn’t allow free speech and chooses what someone can or can’t say and or read.

We know our elected officials bullshit us every day and we as a free society can call them on their bullshit. Elected officials, people of prominence, corporate assholes and anyone else we consider a dirty douchebag can be told we think you are a dirty douchebag.

Well, maybe not on social media...

The #PowerPlayers with #skeletons in their #closets will never own up to them. They lie like a rug. The same rug they sweep their corruption and scandals under.

However, the press can at least try and keep them honest or try to expose their illict actions

Let’s be honest about the mainstream press for a moment. 

There is no tinfoil hat needed to figure out that news organizations, be it print, radio and 24 hour television news networks are bought and paid for by the greedy and sneaky corporations that purchase advertisement on these news channels.

How will the press ever be able to hold dangerous product manufacturers and distributors to account and inform us of the dangers of certain products if said corporations spend millions on commercials that keep news organizations a float?

That is as blatant as lobbyists paying members of our legislative branch to keep laws from becoming a burden to buyers of advertisement.

The news will never expose the truth about a corporation like Monsanto and their raping of small honest hard working farmers by using natural pollination as an excuse to strong arm them into buying their seeds or financially and legally breaking them.

It’s so hypocritical to go after the current president as hard as the mainstream news has been and still relentlessly is doing... 

They're attacking 45, yet no attack on the corruption inside the house of representatives.

How does a $180,000 a year job make these elected officials multi-millionaires? 

How does the press not ask these questions at the very least? 

I’m sure they’ll have a logical and legal explanation for it. But, we will never know because mainstream news media will never ask.

I adore my country. 

These people let my family seek asylum here in the U.S. from the communist dictator and 50 year ruler of The Cuban nation, Fidel Castro.

I can never forget that and will remain appreciative of the United States till the day I die. 

I’ll also be the first to admit that we have done some shady shit in the name of the greater good. 

That being the safety, well being, freedoms and civilized society we enjoy most days of the year.

Allow be to go back to the mainstream news in the U.S. for a moment. 

We know it’s no secret as I explained before, whether people want to admit it or not the news is in the pockets of big everything. 

Instead of staying in the dark, many brave souls have made their mark on the internet with proper researching, reporting and informing the public on issues that network news doesn’t cover.

The voices of those who oppose officials, corporations, big oil, big pharma, big banks and the rest of the big bullies of big business have a new form of information sharing, speech and reporting... 

The internet.

However, there is a cancer growing in our nation which at one time was the ultimate domination... It now seems like all we dominate is email ordered blowup dolls.

If we don’t stop this infection of our rights to speak freely, we may find ourselves legally speechless.

It is beginning to feel like sensitivity is equating to a form of censorship.

Take this de-platforming craze happening at the moment. 

People surfing the net and online personalities who express themselves, share content and report on the hidden truths of our system are being kicked off social media websites.

It is true that social media companies are owned and operated privately and they have the right to close your account for any or no reason at all. 

That's ok because they do own it. But, without the people their platforms would fail.

What does bother me, is the fact that social media said it was a champion of free speech and protector of our privacy. 

Now they seem to be cowards that won't put up a fight because of super sensitive special interest groups that start crying because they were offended over a post by someone they shouldn't even care about.

The part that disappoints me about people, is that they get all hurt, hot and bothered by some idiot's statement on a post.

However, when it comes to light that the same social media platforms those same cry babies are so addicted to is selling their information to third party pirates they stay completely quiet. They are also sharing your private information with the federal government's top law enforcement agencies.

Knowing this, they still religiously use social media and have nothing to say about the level of intrusion and corruption directly affecting our lives. 

Despite how wrong it is, there isn't a fucking peep from any of these people on this most serious situation..

I was coming of age in the nineties. I was a kid in the eighties. I remember how things were slowly changing. 

To me, those two decades were very influential, revolutionary, special and historic.

The nineties began to show levels of expression never seen or heard before. It gave me a feeling that we didn’t have to behave how the establishment expected us to. 

It was the age of the anti-establishment movement. It wasn't an announcement, there is no day one. The shit just rolled down hill naturally gathering speed, gaining momentum and garnering more members. 

From street art, to skate boards, to clubs, everybody that felt like a black sheep found common ground. 

Together middle fingers were raised to any and every organization that tried to tell us what to do.

Indoctrinating us with their educational system. 

Making us slaves with debt we will work our entire lives to never be able to pay off.

Politicians, corporations, mainstream media, sitcoms, television, colleges, the government, religious institutions and any one else who we considered the establishment were told to piss off. 

They work so hard to manipulate our thinking with their powerful black hand mafia type tactics so they could rule us or at least keep us in check.

I lived it and I was excited to be a part of it.

Then Bush was elected. 9/11 happened and that threw the country and the world for a fucking loop. No one saw this coming. Well, except the FBI, CIA, NSA, NORAD and members of president Bush’s cabinet. I'm sure the list isn't that much larger than that... NOT!

Someone, a source, recently told me that we, U.S. citizens think the vice president’s job is to be the hundredth and one official to vote in the senate and for the most part, make the appearances the president can’t or doesn't want to do.

However appearances can be deceiving… 

It may or may not be true, but I trust my source on this because he hasn't ever shot me shit.

The vice president is actually the man that runs the show. If you notice many presidents were considered stupid or out of touch with reality.

Yet the country continues to run. Why? 

Could it be true? Many if not all veeps are handling the day to day operations of running the country? 

And, it’s the powers that shouldn't be, behind the curtain who give the orders that the vice president then executes? 

It doesn’t sound all that far fetched to me.

Anyway, I digress… 

After 9/11 happened shit went a little crazy. The media was asked by the government to stop replaying the scenes of that day’s attack on television. It was like they wanted people to forget it happened. I remember Bush saying “don’t be afraid… Go out shopping, see a play, go to work and feel safe".

Shortly after that, he gave some lame reasons to go to war and there we were and still are. Then it was found out that the reasons given were not true… I think they called it “bad intel”.

People started to get frustrated and really pissed off. Questions were asked but nothing was ever answered. There were some actions taken to shut people up, like the 9/11 commision. That just disgusted people and pissed them off that much more.

Brave souls marched, occupied and stormed the streets as well as the internet with information never shared by the government or the press.

The rest played the sheep role and all flocked to social media. There were message boards, chat rooms and myspace at that time. 

I think this is where we start to revert back, but not in time, in bizarro psycho world.

Social media starts to evolve and becomes a universe for those who live online. 

The net nerds now have their own private Idaho.

Now this is where they spend most of their time even if it’s not at home. At work, at dinner with friends, at bars, clubs, busses and the worst of all, walking across the street with their stupid fucking faces always down in their cracked screens.

I wonder what happens if you run over one of these morons?

This is where the mindless wander and share their feelings. That’s fine in my opinion, but the fact that they get their news and information from social media has to be the most mentally retarded thing I’ve ever heard… And believe me, I’ve heard and myself have said some dumbass shit.

So, without research, without reading past the headline and the sentence below, it’s obviously impossible to know the facts and/or theories plus opinions of any story.

Opinions matter because they create discussion and debate.

The problem is there is hardly ever a civilized conversation or chat thread on social media. 

People get upset and become belligerent. They start insulting and belittling those who do not agree with them.

They basically act like a child not being raised right or a brainless dickhead adult who also wasn’t raised right.

I mean, even hip hop beefs went digital. Shots fired meant someone or a few were shot on the street, in a club or a music studio elevator. 

Now, shots fired is what little fags say to express an insult. That’s just fucking pathetic.

Somewhere in there, they like to throw the term no homo. I suppose because they are closet cases and need to be all hard and tough. 

Guys, just be real with yourselves. Trust me, your hardcore rap buddies are being ass banged as well.

So, moving on...

If you thought it couldn't get worse, think again. This next shit is way over the top... 

The gender identity stupidity.

Look, I worked at many clubs and truth be told the shit was run by fags, drags and freaks. If the club didn’t have the roster and staff that followed that criteria, then it usually sucked.

I worked with all kinds of people, personalities and pinheads. But, I always referred to a drag queen as she. It wasn’t something I had to think about before saying like a stuttering moron. 

Sorry, that's a speech impediment and that was a fired shot aka cheap insult... You see, I’m even doing the shots fired nonsense now.  

Anyway, I called men that dressed in women’s clothing she even though I knew they were men...

I would hang out with many of these people outside of our club world where they dressed like regular guys.

I still didn’t care that they were really men, I was just considerate of the fact that the woman thing was what they were going for. 

Besides, no one knows how to handle a penis better than a man. Think about how many times you (men) jerk off. 

Don’t you think if you had to whack off a dude you would be pretty good at it..? Just something to ponder.

Seriously though, you can’t get that upset that some people refer to you as the gender you look like. 

You may be wearing a kimono in heels but you look like Andre the giant homo in a kimono.

Your appearance is horrific. 

Many of you gender I.D. daily drama dick faces look disgusting and confused on whose team you’re actually playing for. 

Like brainless twats who can’t seem to stick to a conviction even when it means expressing who or what you are.

And following that foolishness is a new degradation… 

This ridiculous notion states, that a person has to refer to someone who was clearly a man, but identifies as a woman, a she. 

If you call it a he then you’re 'dead-naming' and some social media platforms will close your account over it.  

I can’t help but think back to the time when wikileaks released that information that exposed military crimes and the killing of innocent people.

At that time pay-pal decided they were not doing business with wikileaks anymore because of his treason. How can you commit treason if your not a citizen of this country? I suppose that’s for another time.

All wikileaks did is what the mainstream press doesn’t have the courage to do... 

More likely, the press are just corrupt and tied to a pole on a leash by those advertisers and government agencies, as well as the military that own them... 

They are owned, but some can stand up and cover a story. But, they won’t. 

CNN just fired one of their go to guys on race relations, politics, the president, history and ideas for solutions to peace.

The guy was on CNN for years. A trusted CNN talking head.

Well, CNN fired him only hours after a statement he made when addressing the United Nations… 

He called for peace between Israel and Palestine and said we need to stop the reckless, mindless violence from river to sea. {It was something like that.} 

The guy gave like a really long fucking speech, but that call for peace and that term, which was like a minute long turned his good standing with CNN 180 degrees...

Apparently, that river to sea term is a no, no for the Israeli Government and their American lobby thats runs rough shot over our legislative branch. 

A lobby that should not exist. A lobby if must exist, should not have any where near the power and control it has over OUR elected officials.

So just a few hours after his U.N. address CNN fired the gentleman.

CNN has the balls to call out president 45 every goddamn day on integrity and they fire a long time colleague and the most outspoken anchors not only left him defenseless, but they didn’t even mention him on air since. Like the guy never existed.

I’m always asking, what the fuck does Israel have on us. We always kowtow to them. 

We even let their fucking war criminal prime dictator stand where the president gives the state of the union address to the American people and members of the government, so he could have the opportunity to bash then president Barack Obama.

A disgusting day for North American history.

Anyway, back to pay-pal and the other online banking and paying systems that aren’t cowards, but giant piles of horse shit hypocrites.

During that time online paying systems dropped wikileaks over the exposure of unnecessary violence, licence to kill anyone brown with a towel on his or her heads attitude and countless unconstitutional invasion of our privacy for the sake of “security.

Yea, and we didn't know anything about these actions until the leak.

The fucked up part is, pay-pal and the rest continued doing business with the KKK, nazi organizations, hate groups, anti-gay rights groups, white supremacists and violent and hate filled websites that survive on donations and merchandise sales.

So wikileaks does what the news doesn’t have the balls and most likely the resources to do.

The news anchor’s job is pretty fucking simple... Research, confirm & report so you can inform the public.

So it’s just fine for organizations in North America that share and sell hate content that manipulates young minds that have no direction to join so they can be a part of something. 

Then comes the start of despising people of every color and creed that doesn’t match their own. 

They also now find the offenders that have taken the opportunities that should be afforded to the white race.

Evil filled hearts and minds are given a pass. 

These retched animals are barely investigated or questioned... However, expose the horrors of war and the truth about surveillance on law abiding U.S. citizens and you have to run and hide. Put yourself in exile and spend almost a decade stuck in an embassy that is starting to feel like you have overstayed your welcome. 

The worst part of this is the fact that nothing good came out of the Wikileaks findings. At this point I say fuck you Assange… 

If you had anything to do with manipulating our public with stacks of stolen information sent to the FBI and got this guy elected, you’re just as bad as the people you claim deserve to be in jail for their transgressions.

You’re just a publicity whore at this point who is trying to stay alive by making yourself relevant again by being a disruptor. 

Nothing positive came out of your leaks and nothing of any true value comes from this administration. 

You didn’t disrupt a single thing. Turns out he’s just another empty suit except his bull shit is much louder and entertaining.

Just the same old song and dance. It would have been the same exact shit if Hitlary Cliten would have won.

Whatever, I digress…

I hope this never turns out to be the case, but I think we may have to hit the street corners with bullhorns and flyers to be able to get our messages and content heard and read.

If we don’t stand up for free speech on our soil, our internet and their social media which only exists because we the people use it, the internet might become another version of censored platforms just like cable news, radio and the printed press.

I promise that shit will never happen on my website. FreedomPopRadiO.com will have to be shut down and me shot to keep quiet because I’ll never shut up.

So in conclusion, continue to express yourself. 

Continue to speak freely and honestly. 

Make jokes, tell stories, report news and every now and again tell someone to fuck off to a warm bath with a razor blade and slice themselves like Pentangeli did in godfather 2.

Just like myspace expired from lack of interest and new platforms, so will other popular mediums.  

The more who restrict free speech and can’t take a fucking joke or the truth will be the ones that fall.

Jokes do come from a level of honesty that is exaggerated to be funny.

As far as the truth goes… It’s like poetry and most people hate that shit.

The truth tends to hurt, but in this case it will expose the hypocrisy and farce that is social media and it's claim of supporting free speech.

We are not the owners that operate the top social media websites, but we can start our own that no one can censor.

That’s it for now…

Thanks for reading and don’t forget that FreedomPopRadiO.com is also a twenty four hour a day, seven day a week streaming service with all kinds of cool, interesting, comical and real talk/real news content provider with music that opens minds and helps you groove.

Thanks again for your time and support.

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