FPR Blog 103: Assisted Suicide; What, Where and Why..?

Assisted Suicide…

I have a few questions about this issue.

Why does someone need assistance to commit suicide? 

You don’t see jumpers on a bridge or tall building asking to be pushed off.

I’m actually surprised that there isn’t an app for this yet. 

FPR Blog 102: The Fall of facebook... Hopefully.


The relationship killer. 

Facebook is just like fentanyl. 

It's not conducive to a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Remember when facebook first dropped?

FPR Blog 101: Over Sensitivity Equals Major Censorship.

The sensitivity level of today has spun so out of control... 

It has surpassed any scale making the meter explode into pieces.

In today’s day and age criticism, insults, content deemed offensive by the thin skinned, jokes and truth can get many people in trouble.

To be honest I’m hoping to gain a little heat for my actions and content. 

Maybe someone will take notice by offense and the site will be famous by obliterating it from the internet. 

Cross fingers fellas and lady Hellas.

FPR Blog 100: Agenda 2030? What happen to 2021?

There a couple of cats I run ideas by before sharing them on air or writing about them on a blog…

Kenny K, resident comedian of fpr is one of them. When I ran this by him his first question was, “What the fuck happened to Agenda 21? Isn’t it only 2019”?

It was at that moment that I remembered the bullshit that was floating around called agenda 21. I also then remembered why I forgot about it…