Fpr Blog 99: Panhandling, Bad Weather and Worthless Elections.

So we got through another election... And even though I don’t care who won, lost and took back or kept both houses, I do want to touch upon a headline I came across during the election process...

The headline read, ‘For some in Florida Panhandle voting takes a back seat to hurricane hardships’.

Yea, no shit sherlock.

Did you have to work overtime to fully research the information for this story?

However, I do agree that panhandlers do make commuting uncomfortable. I want to say no because I’m broke too. But, what can you do? So you drop a buck in an overused coffee cup.

Fpr blog 98: Atrocities, Massacres, Pain. What's the limit?

There have been some horrific acts committed by some unbelievably sick individuals.

It’s only been about a month since my last post and in just a little over thirty days bodies are dropping, bullets darting and bombs detonating.

I can’t even think about how I’m going to get into any of those catastrophes…

However, this massacre happened about three weeks ago and it's far more pressing than anything else. I can’t move forward without addressing it.