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Freedom Pop RadiO ~ Content, Programming and Schedule.

Hey fpr faithful, it’s your fearless leader tasteless t. If you didn't know that, then... Hello, I'm your fearless leader tasteless t...

I've finally decided to put together a general run down of 
Freedom Pop RadiO's content, programming and schedule.

I swear I’m going to do my best to make this stick. But there is a disclosure at the bottom, you might want to read.

If you like any of what you're about to discover, then please spread the word. 

For those who already like fpr, thank you for your continued support.

It's not really worth doing this if you aren't there...
The Brief...  

Monday Through Friday 11 AM - 2 PM

This is a Talk Show which covers a wide range of issues and topics. Much of it, I find on Alternative Media Websites

The show at times can be Brutally Honest. It might Offend certain people who don't have common sense. Others have problems understanding and or, are not yet ready for the Show's Brand of Bad Comedy. 

Some will not be able to handle its Honesty.

I keep it way too Real by telling True Stories that don't always make me sound cool..

The Brief is a program that just doesn't give two flying fucks about many things. One of them is how someone might take my tasteless tongue.

The Brief also discusses issues not covered by M.S.M.. And we damn well make sure that we take a shit on Big Media every chance we get.

I report on Conspiracies and all kinds of Corruption. Don't think for a second that I'm some psycho on the net like so many others because I used that word. 

The truth is, a couple of internet searches and you'll too find that Congress and the Senate are up to no good. 

I report on what I feel is necessary to share. 

Bottom line... It's Real News and it's most certainly Real Talk.

I do my best to keep you Interested & Informed. My goal is to make you Think, Laugh and drop your head into your hands when I get all savage. (I think that's what the kids say)

The Show has an Energetic and Comedic overtone. 

It can be serious at times. Which I have Bizarro World and Retarded Nation to thank for. 

It's filled with Opinions that are made after some discussion, research and a little consideration. 

As you may know,  opinions are like assholes. So they're probably going to be stupid. But it can't be helped when it comes to tasteless t. (me)

The best part is that the Music Breaks feature Acid House, Old Skool Hip-Hop and parts of live dj sets from djs here in Jersey all the way to Spain.

Why bother with a nutshell statement, but why not either...

In a nutshell, The Brief is a show that Questions Authority, Jokes around a hell of lot, emits Energy and Honesty.

I don't just speak. I listen and I learn. Then I hand off that information for you to do what you wish with it.

This program, The Brief is Streamed Live and recorded. Then it is repeated throughout the week.

Good Bad Ugly Show 

Saturday Nights at 10:30 PM - 12 AM EST

This Show takes it to a whole other level. 

Have you ever sat around with old friends from High School you stayed in touch and still hang out with?

The Stories of moments of Glory. Flashbacks on the crazy shit you got away with and or survived. The honesty and the hard constant laughter that is non-stop for the entire duration.

If that is you, then you're going to love this...

The Good, Bad, Ugly Show is a talk show that from beginning to end is not only real, but real fucking funny. The Joking and ball busting seems to never end.

It's a Comedy Show with True Stories, Drug Talk, Politics, Aliens, Artificial Intelligence, Street Knowledge, Theories and Thoughts.

The Good, Bad Ugly Show is always Streamed Live and Recorded. After which is repeated throughout the week.


Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays All Day and Night.

Streaming Dj Mix Show…  Except During Scheduled Live Talk Shows and their Repeats.

TechSocietY Sunday

12 AM - 11:59 PM EST

House, Minimal and Techno dj sets... 

TechSocietY Tuesday 

8AM - 12AM EST

Techno Music Dj Sets Start at 8AM EST but are interrupted by The Brief Live Talk Show at 11AM. 

After the talk show TechSocietY Streams throughout the day before and after The Brief Talk Show repeats.

TechSocietY Saturday: 

6PM - 10PM EST

The day is filled with the prior week's Day-Time Talk Show repeats till 6PM EST. Tech SocietY streams till 10PM.

At that time, the Good Bad Ugly Live Talk Show begins.


Following the live Mid-Day Talk Show, The Brief, will be this...

The Electric_LisT. 

20 to 40 EDM tracks will be played between every Brief Repeat.

Electric_List is an Eclectic Electronic Music Playlist… 

The List Features Everything EDM.

Trip-Hop, Techno, Acid-House, Drum and Bass, Ambient, Electro-Pop, Dream-Pop, House Music, Jungle, Obscure and Experimental... 

IrReguLaR RotAtioN

This is when I’m going crazy and I decide to flip the script on any particular weekday and do a takeover... It could be a marathon, a special Live Show and whatever else I feel like doing.

Also on the Website, a Blog Feature...

The Freedom Pop RadiO Blog.

This is my opinion and personal feelings on many issues. 

It's personal in more ways than one. I share my thoughts and experiences honestly without censorship. That may offend some people, but the truth, even if it's someone else's, usually does.

I'm not a writer. I'm just another asshole on the net with a blog.

However, my blogs are always honest, at times a little too informative and I've been told they've been funny. But, I don't know that for sure, so you'll have to decide for yourself.

I guess I can say that the blog, the radio station, the stream, live sessions, dj sets, EDM and the talk shows are like nothing you've ever experienced before.

So again, thank you so much for your time, love and support. 

I hope something on here enlightens and entertains you because when the dust settles and it's all said and done, that is what I'm here to do. So I hope I'm doing a half way decent job...

Before I go, here's a, 'just so you know'...

If you dig any of this and would like to help please just spread the word. Tell a friend and or tweet.

Also if you would like to contribute to this project, that would be very cool... 

I do NOT mean monetarilly . 

What I would love is for you to contribute CONTENT.

If you would like to share ideas or inform me on issues. If there are any topics, subjects or news you want me to talk about on the show, please let me know. 

Maybe you have art, music and or dj mixes you would like aired on the radio station or something to post on the website's blog section. 

If that in fact is the case, then both the back and front doors are open to any and all...

This website: Blog and Radio Station is all about being a platform for freedom of speech, free expression, real news and jokes. 

This platform, Freedom Pop RadiO might be mine. It may be my baby which I'm over obsessed with. 

It's my creation and every living, breathing, data soaring and broadcasting moment comes out of my head... 

However, I did not create Freedom Pop RadiO to keep it all to myself. 

FPR always meant, airtime for all who are real.

You can reach out on Twitter DM
You can also email me, 

Freedom Pop RadiO is T. Clavero