FPR Blog 83: California OUT. EPIC vs FBI. Kanye Off.

Cali OUT!

California is fighting for the right to flight…

They’re bringing things back to the beginning.

In a case that can only be described as bizarre or childish California wants out of the Union.

WTF!?... was my natural reaction when I read the headline.

California wanting to be a sovereign state I think is actually pretty cool. The federal government should not be so involved in state matters. Outside of lynching and forced labor the feds should stick to fed stuff.

Anyway, what I think is crazy is the reason for California’s Secession. It seems that the only reason they want out is because Donald Trump is president.

Okay, look I was pretty upset that President-elect Trump was being taken seriously in the first place. The fact that he ran and the amount of free press the mainstream media gave him, drove me mad.

CNN might be all snarky now, but they are the ones to blame for Donald Trump winning the 2016 election.

So a county in California wants to take their ball home and not just secede from the United States over this, they want out of California. They actually put this up for a vote...

After this ridiculous waste of taxpayer money, Silicon Valley followed suit.

Trump has people going off. But, like I said before I think the Federal Government is going off more than a bit. I also think some states have to back off a bit and let people be. We’re not as bad as you may think.

Enforcement resources can be used to go after real bad guys and stand by the people of the communities they are policing. Both sides have chips on their shoulders and for reasons that are justified.

It’s not going to get better like that though.

Also trigger happy cops in questionable shootings need some kind of mandatory time off even if not charged or convicted. There should always be an investigation and at least 6 months at a desk. At the very least some kind of probationary period.

Now, because the federal and state governments are only making things worse counties and cities should be allowed the true power given to them by the framers.

I personally find the most positive governing is local. You can see that your vote counts and the change it creates.

Here are a few sources for more information on this story.

EPIC vs the FBI.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is suing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under the Freedom of Information Act. EPIC claims that the FBI has been storing millions of American’s information and can send it at will to the Department of Defense (DOD) in a few keystrokes.

These people are not just criminals or suspected ones. This is just a small piece of what is collected every day by all these clandestine agencies.

The FBI uses something called ‘Next Generation Identification’. This system is a database packed with facial scans, palm/finger prints, tattoo photos and anything else that might make us unique.

It’s said that the FBI is only supposed to store suspects and convicts. They also use it for people looking for serious government jobs and certain aspects of military positions which all, rightfully so, require background checks. But, that’s as far as this thing is allowed to go.

But, very recent history has shown that not to be the case…

Something tells me that the FBI might be storing a bit more than allowed. But, I can’t know that for sure. If they aren’t then show us.

If they can’t because of a serious tactic that does protect us, then maybe I’ll bite. But, we don’t even get real explanations.

It’s funny that law enforcement agencies are cooperating with each other now.

There was a time they would piss up each others legs.

I can’t possibly know who is in bed with who, but it seems that the FBI and the DOD have something secret going on…

Here are better sources for this story.

Can't find anything other outlet on a google or yahoo search.

Fucking Kanye. I still have to put up with this guy?

He went off on another cray cray rant and stormed off the stage.

Then he canceled his tour.

After this Kanye was hospitalized.

I regret to inform you that Kanye West has not died…

Screw the sources on this one, but check out Snoops Dogg’s reaction as it was happening.

Thanks for reading, fine people.

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