FPR Blog 81: Normality seems impossible in an Abnormal World.

For months now I've been sticking to a "normal" routine...

I wake up right before dawn and brew coffee.

While I wait, I take my meds and vitamins with a few gulps of water.

So coffee is made and I'm in the studio smoking a cigarette going through email. I check the site's status and set up the day's rotation.

6:00AM hits, I'm out the door... 

Destination, an honest day's pay. Which I really enjoy by the way. From the people I work with to the ones I work for and the trade itself.

Before I know it I'm home. Usually 3:30 and I'm walking back in through my door.

Once here I do a variety of shit... 

I'll clean up, do the dishes, shower, and quite often, bench it. I do a light work out somewhere in there and I'm in and out of the studio still doing what I have to do to keep this bad boy going.

Note to all, because I learned this shit the hard way. Running an online radio stream that airs content twenty four hours a day seven days a week in addition to a blog site is not a one person job. 

Oh and especially if you're a working class person.

Then it's dinner, more dishes and a little more studio time. At this point I find myself burning something because I've passed out at my desk with a cigarette between my fingers.
Next day, I do this all over again. 

Weekends are spent kind of the same except there's family relaxing time. Which is usually followed by some activity

Weekends are also spent cleaning up, getting laundry done, family dinners and dinner parties.

Now if that isn't a normal life, then I don't know what normal really is. That or none of this is real at all, which I'm opened to, but the equation never adds up. 

All of this has to be real... 

Maybe we are perceiving our reality wrong. Actually, no I'm sure of that. It's safe to say that people's perceptions are a bit skewed, to say the least.

Whatever the case may be, what feels real to me is what I see and feel.

What's real to me is what I love and hate. 

No way my kids don't exist. If there was anything that made me believe that life is in fact real was when both those children entered it.

This to say nothing of a lady's love...

With all that written, I still feel like something isn't sitting right. I don't know what it is exactly. However, I think I understand a part of it. Like the fact that society is certifiable. 

When it comes to this world, abnormal doesn't begin to describe how fucked up it is. 

But, there has to be a reason for that.

We're not apes or lions. We are not animals despite the fact that many of us behave like them. 

We have free will and the resource to understand it. We have one of the most complicated and sophisticated tools in our heads.

We have a living, breathing computer with far more potential than what the smartest people in the world have accomplished with it so far.

We have what some call souls and others call energy. Whatever you want to call it I believe we are all connected by it. Yet, despite this wonder we carry inside many people commit the most aweful atrocities.

The atrocities committed are not just the wars and suicide bombings or even shopping mall shootings we hear of as of late. They're not pressure cooker devices made by lonely people looking for a cause to make their lives matter.

No, unfortunately there are far worse atrocities being committed everyday. Crimes against humanity that society ignores or buys into.

We have multi-national corporations controlling everything around us. I'm not talking about the one percent elite. Now, don't get me wrong they're neck deep in it too. But, who I'm talking about are the ones above the one percent. 

The wealthy people we know about are the distractions that distract us from even asking who the true power players are. These are the ones who put on the show the politicians and media play out for us everyday. 

They exist and you don't have to believe me. Just look at the world around you...

There's so much senseless horrific shit going on and it's getting worse. We in the west are starting to feel it because it's happening here now. We've come to a point in United States' short history where American soil is less and less untouchable.

It sucks and it's sad, but it doesn't happen here so that's the most we say. We may discuss it, debate it, but at the end of the day we have more important things to care about.

Then one day, it started happening here (U.S.) and I don't mean September 11th. Lone gunmen have been popping off here in the states for a very long time. But, there's something different happening now.

Since 2010 the rise of attacks has been substantial to say the least. Twenty five attacks raging from crashing airplanes, to shootings, bombings and stabbings have occurred. And the hits just keep on coming because just last week alone a series of bombings.

 Three bombs that detonated and few more that didn't were placed in several parts of New Jersey and Manhattan, New York.

Just a couple nights ago someone took out a bunch of people at a Macy's in a shopping mall and fled without getting caught.

Now I am sorry to ask this in the manner of which I'm about to, but; WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?

If that isn't bad enough, don't worry I have more.

Turns out some little douche bag, when he was 16 years old, raped a 2 year old girl and live streamed it online. Not only was it premeditated, he had planned to do it to a 3 year old boy before he got caught.

Fast forward 3 years to today and he's 19 and was given the option to plead guilty to a lesser charge that got him 5 years supervised parole. The judge in all his glorified stupidity or corruptness felt he should impose a condition.

That condition was if he breaks parole he receives a 10 year "suspended" sentence.

Again I apologize. WTF planet am I living on..?

OccupyDemocrats.com-Judge Spares Prison For Teen Who Raped 2 Year Old Girl Online.


This shocked me. The Daily News?

This shit gets worse.

Don't know if you remember a news story that came about about two high school athletes that raped a girl and beat the case. To be honest I didn't... 

Well I fucking do now and it's yet another disgusting and questionable judgement on the part of our judicial system.

These two boys allegedly raped a girl. There word against hers, enough said.

So in comes an anonymous hero soldier to find out what the hell is really going on because the entire case stunk like New York's East River.

Said hacker finds a site related to the team these boys were on and hacked it. When he did, he found a few smoking guns. Admissions, prosecution and school official cover-ups and much more dirt.

Yes we got the sons of bitches. Right? NO! In fact it's the other way around. 

The hacker is facing many years in prison as not only the two athletes but everyone involved in the cover up walks.

I'm not even going to ask this time.

I linked different sources because mainstream news didn't give it attention from what I can see...

Collective-Evolution.com-Anon Activist Faces Prison, Exposed Rapists.  
YourNewsWire.com-Anon Hacker Faces 16 years for Exposing Rapists
TechWorm.com-Hacker Faces Longer Sentence than Rapists

But, I do have to ask. How can I go about a normal life knowing that this type of shit is happening. Obviously I'm not putting on a mask and black cape killing corrupt judges and rapists. But, there has to be something I or we can do.

Injustices like this should not be allowed to stand. I thought for sure there were at least one or two government law enforcement agencies on the side of the people. I thought for sure there were elected officials walking tight ropes to be able to do the peoples work. But, it seems like the entire system is completely broken.

Do we continue to live our lives? Some are dull, but peaceful. Many are full stress, but people find the strength to go on because of their support systems. Others are lonely, but have more freedom than the ones who aren't.

I want to think that this is the way life is. Some of us have it good while others have it okay. Others struggle but find a way to get by while some can't manage at all.

The thing is, I see society from the outside in. My own little space in a part of the atmosphere just over looking the United States. Mostly the east coast. 

I see homeless people and a lot of abandoned houses. The ratio is a ridiculous number that I can't even begin to equate. Let's just say if there were 100 homeless people then there's about 1000 homes that are currently unoccupied and can't be sold. 

This is an approximation of course. I promise though if you look it up, the numbers will astound you.

I see a drug problem and what appears to be my country's only solution to every problem, a war. The war on drugs. The government has finally admitted that treatment is important but they still manage to spend tens of billions of dollars a year on their worst failure since Vietnam.


I could go on, so I am...


I see the evil people around the world my country is friendly with. Countries like Saudi Arabia. A country which despite it's human rights violations and the fact that the 9/11 hijackers were from there we don't accuse them of a single infraction.

We even went as far as blacking out some seventeen pages of that bullshit report that sold in books and online stores like some far fetched, poorly written Tom Clancy knockoff.

Here's a fun fact. My country sold the Saudis 45 Million dollars in weapons in the last six years. It was originally a 60 million dollar deal, but that's what's been sold so far.

Now, I don't know shit about most things, but my nobody ass knows those deals went down.
Truth be told that doesn't really concern me because I know those weapons are for their little Yemeni problem.

I don't have to be an investigative journalist or a foreign affairs genius to know that the Saudis would love nothing more than to wipe out Yemen and run that whole region.

Then if they can get enough people to hate Iran, it's check mate. Between our troops stationed all over the Middle East and the Saudi's control of the rest of it our partnership would be a forgone conclusion.

Taking Afghanistan at that point would be a cake walk. Considering the Pakistanis will want their well deserved cut.

Now if I can see this, then the government has already played it out in their heads and on their computerized sat maps twenty times over.

Is this my country trying to protect me or is this us trying to take over the world? If we do, will there be peace and prosperity for all? 

Something tells me no. That something are the perpetual actions of my government and the allies they don't even trust.

How can we allow this? How do we sit back and get behind the candidates running for president? The people who will have to deal with the madness that has plagued our planet.

One is way too qualified to be honest enough to be trusted with the constitution.
The other is a maniac who could get us all killed or worse, detained. 

I know this is a bad dream and I want to wake up from it. I can't though because this particular nightmare has become reality.

Thanks for reading

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