FPR Blog 80: Breaking the Wall of the Mind and Mainstream News.

I have had the worse fucking case of what I call ‘blogger’s block’.

It’s just like writer’s block, but since I’m not really a writer, I can’t technically call it ‘writer’s block’.

Anyway, I don’t know what it is. It’s been months now.

I’ve written a couple things for the site, but nothing of actual value. Well, that Op Icarus blog was a hell of a hootenanny. Outside of that I’ve barely posted anything.

I’m on this kick where I think I have to write political opinions and share exposed information, like all the time.

I tend to forget that I’m not trying to lead a revolution of free thinkers, I’m just a part of one.

What exists is the hope other people catch on and do the same. Then maybe we can have ourselves a new age evolution instead of a violent revolution.

So, on this blog I decided I would just shoot the shit. I have nothing prepared & no particular subject I want to write about.

I swear I’m doing this because the site needs a new blog. And not for nothing, I need to freshen things up.

Truth is, there is so much I want to share and discuss. There’s information I feel isn’t reaching anyone paying attention. I believe this information should pop up on a few more screens. There are issues I believe are important even though I myself may not be as passionate as others.

This is my passion. I like being a fork on the information superhighway that takes you to three places. A cool ass rest stop with good conversation. A library with a decent amount of reading material and information. And lastly, a club equipped with every type of electronic music a human with a computer and a vast music collection can have.  

Beyond that I need to stop trying to be a reporter… I can be really corny sometimes. I would do the whole, “okay many times” thing, but I have way more flaws than that.

Ok, here is where the wall comes up.

There’s just so much going on in the mainstream media that’s stuffed into these tiny timed segments in between the massive coverage they’re giving Donald Trump. There is much they don’t cover or outright lie about. I’m having some serious trouble keeping up.

Wait, no. I can keep up, I just can’t sort through all the shit. And bullshit there is plenty of.

I’m not going to spend the rest of this blog complaining about the poor job the mainstream media has been doing on their so called “election coverage”. There’s something way more important that CNN covered poorly and it involves our rights.

Just about a week ago today CNN reported that the FBI and other secret agencies are investigating
cyber breaches.

The hacks are targeting reporters at the New York Times and other news organisations.

The FEDs are saying that the hackers are working for Russian intelligence.

Okay, first of all it’s pretty irresponsible for the government to share this theory with the media because that’s all it is at the moment. There was no report of hard evidence. It was just a vague report followed by that statement.

This to say nothing of CNN repeating what the government told them about the intrusion. The news is supposed to report the facts. It’s not their job to repeat what the government tells them.

Second. I had noticed how CNN started the story and as 'Elliot' would say, it scratched that part of my mind…

They opened with the FBI and “other secret agencies”, “other news organisations”. They never gave any names or any pertinent information on the hack. Plus the accusation had no basis. Well, none that was shared with the public.

I can understand not naming secret agencies because these people have to stay anonymous to do their job correctly. Unfortunately many are private and their job is to spy on us. That’s another story though.

What I can’t get my head around is not naming which news organisations were attacked. Since when do competing news channels refrain from throwing each other under the bus? Unless CNN was one of the victims.

They couldn’t even get a comment. To be honest I don’t think they even cared to. Reuters gave it a shot but the bullet ricocheted.

So basically all the media did was confuse us. But, I think that's what the media's job is now. Keep us entertained, occupied, distracted and confused and we'll continue to go about our business without questioning a single thing.

Let us not forget that there are only a handful of powerful men that own most if not all forms of media in this country and the news is the most dominated. When you own hundreds of newspapers, multiple television channels and one of the big three you can control the information people depend on to make serious decisions in their life or at least stay informed.

If you have the power to have those kind of resources then you have the power to make people think how you want them to.

By now most of the American people know who Rupert Murdoch is. Most of Europe definitely knows him.

Well Mr. Murdoch owns a hell of an amount of media.

These are just, what I call a handful of what he owns.

  • 21st Century Fox
  • Cable
  • Fox News (Fox News Sunday, Fox News Edge, Fox News Radio Network)
  • Fox Business Network
  • FSN – Fox Sports Net Inc. (National Sports Programming, Yankees Entertainment, Fox Sports Go)
  • Fox Sports 1
  • Fox Sports 2
  • Fox College Sports
  • Fox Soccer Plus
  • Big Ten Network
  • FX (and FXnow online)
  • FXX
  • FXM
  • National Geographic U.S.
  • FIC (Fox International Channels) (including Fox Channel, Fox Life, Fox Crime, FOX Traveller, Voyage Channel, STAR World, STAR Movies and Chinese channels, National Geographic HD, Nat Geo Adventure Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Music, NGC Network International, Elite Sports Limited, Baby TV, Fox Sports Latin America, MundoFox Broadcasting, Eredivisie Media and Marketing, Channel V Thailand, CJ E&M Korea, Fox Sports Japan)
  • STAR India (International Cricket Council matches, Asianet Communications, Vijay Television Private Limited, Balaji Telefilms Limited)
  • Rotana (operates in the Middle East)
  • Moby Group Holdings
  • Fox Sports Asia
  • Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings (operates in China)
  • PT Visi Media Asia (operates in Indonesia)
  • Television
  • FOX Broadcasting Company
  • MyNetworkTV distribution service
  • Film
  • Twentieth Century Fox Film (Fox 2000, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Animation, Fox International Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment)
  • Production
  • Twentieth Century Fox Television productions
  • Fox 21 Inc.
  • Twentieth Television
  • FtvS (Fox Television Studios)
  • Shine Limited
  • All films in the Fox Library
  • Broadcast
  • Sky Italia
  • Sky Deutchland
  • Other
  • BSkyB (U.K.)
  • Hulu (30% stake)
  • Tata Sky
  • Bona Film Group
  • CMC-News AsiaVice Holding (Vice News)
  • News Corp.
  • News and Information
  • Dow Jones (Wall Street Journal, CIO Journal, CFO Journal, CMO Journal and international WSJ editions, Wall Street Journal Digital Network, Factiva, DJ Risk & Compliance, Dow Jones
  • Newswires, Barrons, MarketWatch, Dow Jones Private Market, DJX)
  • News Corp Australia (The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser, taste.com, CareerOne.com, Busienss Spectator, Eureka Reports, carguide.com, FOX SPORTS PULSE, and local dailies)
  • News UK (The Sun, The Times)
  • New York Post
  • News America Marketing (SmartSource inserts)
  • Storyful
  • Cable Network Programming
  • Fox Sports Australia
  • Digital Real Estate Services
  • REA Group (digital advertising, international versions of Realestate.com, Realcommercial.com, myfun.com, AtHome.com, Atoffice.com)

Is this not the craziest shit you’ve ever seen. I thought there was a cap or some kind of regulation on how much of a market you can own. Nationally there are only two other majors and that’s MSNBC and CNN.

I don’t know much about much, but I know this is wrong. This is just not right.

So, I end by reminding you that it’s the New York Times and “other news organisations” like these I listed that are getting hacked.

I think I can write for many when I share the feeling that my heart does not go out to them.

They deserve far worse than a few breaches...

They should continue to get attacked. Every bit of information gathered should be leaked right back to them...

Then of course blasted all over the net so we the people can see just how much of a propaganda machine the mainstream news media is.

Shit, I think I broke the wall...

Thanks for reading.

Blog by T. Clavero for Freedom Pop RadiO