FPR Blog 79: Starting to Lose My Faith in Humanity & Society.

I've often said that I have a lot of faith in humanity.

I've always felt that the human condition was pure at the core and that certain circumstances corrupt good people.

Well, I still have faith in humanity, but it's slipping more and more every day.

Then add our society and I'm driven to the edge of insanity. No, that's wrong. Society is just making me sad.

Here a just a few reasons why society is disappointing me so much…

  1. Despite making billions off the backs of children, we thought Steve Jobs was such a great man that 2 movies have been made in his honor. We glorify clothing labels that manufacture their products through immoral practices. We collectively support slave labor.
  1. These days it seems all of our heroes are counterfeit. Cheating, doping, groping, raping, abusing and killing. And most if not all walk away with little to no consequence. This is what my kids are supposed to look up to? The world is one giant joke.

  1. We spam each other with our burning commentary of bullshit, masquerading as insight. We use social media to fake intimacy. We need a mobile app video game to get us out of the house and interact with others.

  1. The fact that we voted for this life is what really gets me. I’m not talking about our rigged elections, I mean our things, our property, our money. We hang signs on ourselves for anyone to exploit.

  1. And despite the blatant truths right in front of our faces, we continue to live like this, not because reality shows make us happy, but because we want to be distracted, entertained and sedated.

The truth is that it’s easier to pretend.

We don’t even want to think about what true change means. Sure we complain that the president sucks and taxes are too high but we do absolutely nothing to change that.

We always pick the lesser of two evils...

I’ve heard people say one candidate isn’t as bad as another.

Yet, time after time we have choices we don’t care to support because the mainstream media doesn’t cover them.

To think people would show up to the polls for a no vote is beyond stupid.

We’ll never have a legitimate third or fourth party if we continue to behave like sheep.

It’s a shame that my hope is hap-hazard. But, the people are making it harder for me to keep my faith in them.

It’s safer to keep the boat from rocking.

We go to work and slave for hours on end. Even our days off are interrupted by bosses and managers who give two shits about you or your health.

Truth is, they’re stuck in the same shitty cycle as the rest of us, only they have a little power so it’s even easier for them to stay distracted.

Society is cowardly and it kills me that I see no hope for true change.

I feel worse about society today than ever before.

Our news media lies to us.

Our government lies to us.

Corporations look at us as a number on a stat sheet and the rest of our virtual reality is laid out to keep us at bay through fear.

We're kept in fear of war, terror, lone gunmen, ISIS and a scary choice for president.

It’s important to stay informed and CNN and the rest of mainstream news are not informing us.

They are distracting and manipulating us day after day and we continue to fall for their scheme.

If we don’t start to buck the system, the powers that be will continue to distort our reality.

Thanks for reading...

Blog by T. Clavero for Freedom Pop RadiO