FPR Blog 78: Hillary Clinton's e-mail-Gate. The truth and nothing but...

On the morning of Saturday, July 2, 2016, Hillary Clinton had a sit down with “officials” of the FBI.

The interview was at FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. and by now we all know it lasted three and a half hours because the mainstream news media doesn’t stop mentioning it. Like if the length of time is going to convince people that this investigation isn’t a complete fraud.

Another thing that mainstream news kept mentioning was the e-mail probe or e-mail scandal.

It was originally referred to as a State Department Private Server which she claims she only used for “personal e-mails”.

The sound-bites, 'personal e-mails' aren't as incriminating as a State Department Server leaving the premises. Which is like, a huge no-no for obvious reasons.

The odds of penetrating a State Department server have to be greater when said server is at a home and not inside a secure building like the State Departments.

None of that matters anyway because I can’t be the only person that sees this for what it really is.

Those three and a half hours were most likely spent eating breakfast accompanied by fine champagne mimosas. I can see Hillary at the head of the table sitting amongst corrupt greedy pigs and agents who knowingly play the part for something that will produce nothing.

Hillary Clinton is not going to jail. Anyone who still believes there’s a chance of that happening is delusional.

I think it's wrong that she gets to skate, but that’s exactly what is going to happen. I hope my next blog could be about how wrong I was about Hillary Clinton's indictment.

Forget this whole prison thing…

This is what we would classify as a show trial if this were being played out in an unfriendly country. 

This is nothing but a show investigation.

This whole e-mail server thing will work in her favor.

No one expected a female president. As a matter of fact, no one wanted a female president. Something about that time of the month thing.

Hillary will play this out like she was the victim of an unjust witch hunt by republicans to keep a female and a Clinton out of the oval office. Before you know it, the media will be saying that all she does is work on America’s problems.

“She’s so passionate about her work serving the American people that in the past she risked the presidency and prison time in doing so".

Once the Feds say there’s no case this will be turned into a moment of triumph instead of a blemish on her political career.

Where it stands now, Hillary Clinton will be the forty-fifth president of these United States.

It doesn’t really matter though because nothing is going to change. Things will still be as they are for the next twenty years if we keep falling for the same dog and pony show every time.

Most people don’t know that there is a third party in the race for the presidency. This party is pretty serious and so close to contention, of the two-party state that CNN acknowledged them on Sunday morning.

The party is Libertarian and the candidate is Gary Johnson.

There are more choices than that, but we would never know by watching mainstream media. 

National, news, gave credibility and hype to someone like Donald Drumpf Trump rather than inform us on other candidates who may be more qualified, more deserving, and more honest than the choices constantly shoved down our throats.

I’m really surprised that CNN not only reported on Gary Johnson, but they also had him on a live segment. 

Libertarian party leader Gary Johnson is only 5% shy of being considered a third party candidate to be allowed in national debates with the other two.

I hope if anything this blog makes you look him up…

Outside of that hope, it looks like the Clintons will hold the oval office for eight more years.

Forget about the corporate money, her personal wealth, the conspiracies, her drive, ruthlessness and the power she holds just being a citizen. She wouldn’t be able to do this without the media who is behind her one million percent.

I mean, the Associated Press, the A.P., the news wire everyone else goes by, announces her primary victory the day before the primary election is held!?

This announcement blew my mind. This, to me, was worse than any scandal that is dominating the headlines right now.

Not one mainstream media outlet questioned the pre-emptive announcement of victory.

The AP is ‘the’ news provider for practically the whole world. Seems to me that they’ve either been bought or their masters have an agenda.

The entire system has been corroded to the core. 

If we don’t vote out at least two hundred or so “elected officials” in the legislative branch and get new young blood in, this two party system will never end.

Absolutely nothing will change with Hillary Clinton as president along with the opposition holding the house. 

There are congressmen and women along with senators who have held their seats for more than thirty years.

And we still continue to ask why nothing ever changes.

Visit TermLimits.org and see for yourself.

I believe this is because so many of us stay distracted on purpose even though it could be subconscious.

Even when your brain is screaming at you to put the game down and do something, you allow matter, to take over your mind.

We don’t have to be 24-hour warriors. We don’t need to be warriors at all, but we do need to be informed.

Information is most important. 

Used in a responsible manner, shared responsibly and aired morally, information can change the world.

Remember that and remember to look up the libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson.

Thanks for reading...

Blog by T. Clavero for Freedom Pop RadiO