FPR Blog 64: How do we know if we're in control?

How do we know if we're in control?

Are we just making the best of what comes at us, and that's it?

Constantly trying to pick between two shifty options.

Coke or Pepsi, McDonalds or Burger King, Hyundai or Honda.

It seems to all be the same blur. Just out of focus enough to give us the illusion of choice.

Most of us can't pick our own cable, gas, electric, the water we drink or the insurance that is supposed to give us peace of mind and security.

We have to take what is given. And, in the appearance of choice, choosing Exxon over BP because one is at $1.70 a gallon while the other at $1.69 is the biggest farce of them all. We fall for that one every day. 

So, at the end of the day, isn't it all the same? Isn't most of it coming from the same place?

And even if it wasn't, would it matter?

If all there is, is blue cross and blue shield than what is the difference? They are all, in fact, the same.

Our choices seem to have been pre-paved for us a long, long time ago.

We’re constantly being distracted by a thousand cable channels all owned by a handful of people.

Tabloids people buy at the grocery store because Caitlyn Jenner wants to be Bruce again. 

The article and all the hype surrounding it is free on the very phone they are using at that moment to tweet about it. They barely afforded what they needed, yet still paid $6.00 for the magazine.

Are the choices pre-paved? Did we allow for it to be this way? So many people in this world yet it’s wealth is in the hands of a few. Is that our fault?

In today’s day and age you would think we would have more options, but it’s not the case. But, I see it differently.

I see what is out there and there is a lot to choose from. There is a lot to fight for. Violently we accomplish nothing. We are distracted. 

Yes, there aren’t any choices in most towns for anything we need or want. Cable, water, electricity, internet, etc…

This is only because we don’t demand more choice. 

Companies price rig. So even if there were two electric companies the prices would be close if not the same. 

Again if we demanded more, we would get it. 

We flip out over Starbucks making a red cup on Christmas and actually get them to respond to it.

Why can’t we do that when it comes to our wages being fair or over taxed? Why can’t we do that to demand more choices for utilities? It’s because we’ve been so distracted they’ve managed to manipulate us into complacency.

Just a few companies control all our needs and want's. We can change that.

Every problem has a solution. This one's choice.

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