FPR Blog 39: Your Boss's Salary, The Clinton/Sanders Show + Russia & China Join Forces

Comparing the boss's salary to the staff's pay.

Sorry to have made this the first story on a Monday because it might make you angry, but maybe you should be.

Companies argue that paying employees more would hurt them and they would have to cut hours and jobs to stay alive.

I've felt this experience before. I will be feeling it again with certain laws that will be going into effect soon.

FPR Blog 38: Secret Catholic Suicide, Planned Parenthood & The AP used by FBI for false flag op.

Jozef Wesolowski, a papal ambassador who was on trial for child abuse charges has died early Friday morning, August 28, 2015.

This was most certainly one of those "he got away with it" moments. Sure he's dead, but this man deserved far worse. If he was guilty of course. A jury of his peers never got to decide if he, in fact, was guilty of abusing a child.

FPR Blog 37: Armed Police Drones, Laser weapons and Kraft Food Recall

North Dakota has legalized Armed Police Drones

After a law passed earlier in the year, Noth Dakota has become the first state to legalize armed drones.

I didn't even think drones were an issue yet and North Dakota has unmanned flying weapons of destruction.

Well, let's not go too far. One man stood in the way of the state wanting to go full force with this plan.

FPR Blog 36:The Trump Phenomenon. A Bad Joke Turned Scary Possibility.

I didn't see it before. I couldn't imagine it. I thought for sure this would be over after that debate. I even for a minute or two considered the fact that he may be a shill for Hillary. But, now Trump is starting to scare me.

Political talk shows and "serious" news networks are giving presidential candidate Donald Trump a lot of air time. The political talking heads that made fun at first are now speaking positively about him.

Trump has even gained the support of the GOP's bitter heart, Ann Coulter. She recently spoke at a Trump event and threw the republican leadership under the bus. She actually said she sees hope for America now.

FPR Blog 35: Cheating, Privacy and No Security. Ashley Madison Hack Hurt the Wrong People.

Many of you may know my views on privacy and personal issues. If you followed me through the Fjs years you know me well than most.

The first blog I wrote for this website was on privacy, but it was aimed at the government and it celebrated hackers.

Let me be crystal clear, I support 'HACKTIVISTS', not hackers.

I have this thing about me that I don't like judging people for how they live, what one believes in and stands for or what they do for a living...

For instance, I don't judge anyone for how they make their money. As long as innocence remains off limits and protected, I don't care how anyone pays their rent.

So, if you sell drugs, as long as it's to adults, then that's fine. If you're a hit man, that's great, just stick to your targets. And the same goes for you hackers.

If you want to rob banks, ripoff Fortune 500 companies and make it so you never have to pay for a phone call ever again, I say great. All I ask is that you leave the innocent alone.

I also believe that to be true when exposing hypocritical lawmakers, corrupt politicians, Scientologists and anyone who seems above the law or above we the 99 percent. The Ashley Madison hack were none of those...

FPR Blog 34: Greed = Dictatorship. I see Hope in the Pope.

The pope recently visited Bolivia for a meeting with grassroots activists in Santa Cruz and Bolivian President Evo Morales.

What he goes on to say is remarkable in its honesty and bravery.

FPR Blog 33: Own a Mac then read this because you're vulnerable.

NO SAY IT AIN'T SO. I don't want to believe it, but I have always wondered how.

Macs do not, I repeat do not get viruses. I have all sorts of computers and anything PC I keep offline. Part of my project's (fpr) work is done offline.

In my personal experience, PCs are better offline computers. Computers you would use for editing audio, video, writing and anything else you don't need to be online for and at the same time want complete security. Maybe I'm paranoid, but the only way I feel my files are completely secure is when they're stored offline. I do not trust this cloud thing.

I recommend carrying a small flash drive. I use a couple 64-gigabyte drives for my chrome.

FPR Blog 32: Black Lives Matter Movement is an Angry Circus.

Black Lives Matter activists crashed presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' rally in Seattle. Two black women appeared out of nowhere right when Sanders greeted the crowd.

They walked right up to the podium and demanded they be given the microphone. They were told they could have it after Sanders spoke. The women were noncompliant and began to scream in anger with obscenities. They did not stop until they were given that microphone.

After that, they spewed a myriad of racial rhetoric. They called the entire crowd white supremacists and racists. Then they demanded the crowd be silent for four-plus minutes in "honor" of Michael Brown...

"You are never going to hear Bernie speak if I don't hear silence now".

The two women are Marissa Johnson and Mara Jacqueline Willaford and they are the co-founders of the Seattle chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM). And, apparently they don't research the people they attack.

FPR Blog 31: Exposing 2016 presidential candidates. Scott Walker.

Wisconsin: Lobbyists get a $250 Million Subsidy for a New Milwaukee Bucks' Arena. 

On Wednesday, July 15, 2015, Wisconsin State Senators worked out a bipartisan deal to approve a $250 million subsidy for a new NBA arena. Only 10 out of the 31 senators voted no. The measure still had to pass the assembly and be signed by the Governor, presidential candidate Scott Walker.

It passed the assembly 52-34 on Tuesday, July 28, 2015, and Governor Walker signed it the following week on August 11, 2015.

The plan will preserve Milwaukee's stake in the NBA, but it comes at a cost that the state's residents will have to pay. The subsidy is for $250 million, but will rise to $400 million after interest over the next 20 years.