FPR Blog 3: False leaders & their followers.

I've always asked myself; Why aren't there honest people running for president?
I then began to realize, It's not that we don't have honest and good 'career politicians' running for the oval office because we do. It's because the media doesn't give them ANY airtime. Some networks or news shows that have debates and discussions don't invite certain candidates. If they are invited, they don't get many questions directed to them.

It's not in the news networks' best interest to give airtime to a politician who's policies can jeopardize the corporate company that owns said network. Nor let slip away the corporations that pay millions of dollars for advertising airtime.

The richest 1 percent is not some conspiracy term anymore. If you were to compare the money we (The 99) have to the richest 1 percent, you would say it was bullshit. But, make no mistake about it, the reason one percent of the population owns all the wealth is because we keep our eyes closed.

We don't really want to know the what's, where's and whys. We don't question or push back because we don't want to admit that we're so vulnerable.

Well, maybe this next bit of information will wake some up to get angry enough to be heard when they say enough.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders along with Congressman Brad Sherman introduced a bill that would limit the largest banks from owning all the county's wealth.

Only six financial institutions own $10 trillion in assets. That's 60 percent of our GDP.

In just 2 years, 14 of the wealthiest people increased their wealth to the tune of $157 billion. That's more than 130 million Americans have...

The middle class is on a 40-year decline and the true number of unemployment is 11% not 5 1/2%.

This means that the FED, the media, and the government are lying to us.

The credit we receive is dealt out to us by two-thirds of the creditors. This means that banks get to manipulate the interests we pay limiting our options. If all the credit cards have different names but are all owned by the top three banking institutions, then how can we "shop around"?

When you listen to the radio in your car, nine out of ten reading this probably have many stations programmed. I would think at the very least, six radio stations ready for your finger...

Now they are all different. Some are even competitors. What most don't know is that most radio stations are owned by "Communications companies".

So, we think we're listening to a different station, even rivals, but it's all one company. In essence, we are getting played.

The same goes for financial institutions. They own so much wealth that when they "screw up" we, the taxpayers, have to bail them out because they're just too big to fail. Meaning that if Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Citi Group were to go bankrupt, then the entire global economy would be affected.


Those numbers bring us to this equation; 318 million people in the U.S. and less than 50 own its wealth...

The Huffington Post wrote about an Oxfam report released on the world's wealthiest, in January 2015. It is a scary report. I linked it below, but it goes on to say that just 80 people will own more than half the planet's wealth.


If the 99 percent were lazy and the top 1 percent were hard working I'd say "ok", but we know this is not the case.

I'm sure the CEO of a bank works a lot of hours and handles very important stuff. I imagine you have to be somewhat of a genius to reach such a level. I believe that everyone working their fingers to the bone deserve weekend getaways to Paris on a supersonic jet.

Seriously though, that all counts, but to the average jane or joe working two to three jobs just to survive or the teacher, cop, firefighter, soldier, social worker, government employee, secretary, assistant and so on, who all work at least half the day, all week, the CEO can STICK IT!

Enough is enough! This has gotten so out of control that I see only one outcome and it's not pretty. It involves the masses and the very small elite with the backing of armies clashing over the right to eat.

Share this blog and Senator Sanders' speech and get behind these men and their bill. The richest 1 percent are running the rest of us to the ground and we're allowing it...

Let's end the madness... Spread the word, #NOMORE!

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