FPR Blog 1: There is no Freedom without Privacy

In the 70s, 80s and 90s the main issues were civil rights, AIDS & Roe V Wade. In the last decade & for the next, 'however many' years following, the issues will be privacy, profiling & gay marriage.

I'll never get my head around gay marriage opposition. I get the religious argument. I even get the traditional, "old way of thinking" crap, but what I can't understand is how any of that relates to law.

The constitution is constantly trampled on for so many inconceivable reasons, that I can't accept a constitutional debate on the issue. This should not be an issue at all.

If the argument can be made that it should and could be legal for same-sex couples to marry, then that is the end of the issue.

Think of abortion. Religiously, irreprehensible. Constitutionally, legal. End of story.

The framers constructed a system, all be it a bit cracked, that did not allow religion to play a factor in creating laws. They were profoundly clear on that.

When it comes to profiling, no law can stop it from happening. Cops are always going to stop anyone they deem suspicious. Also, we would be far behind sick criminals that hurt innocence if not for forensic profiling. So, though there are many arguments to be made on this subject, it needs to be debated at a local government level...

To me, the only issue that matters today is privacy.

In this day when anyone can be researched and have their homes watched by anyone using a free website, privacy seems like the only important thing right now.

For the last 20 years we've been so moronically mesmerized by the rapid flow of technology that we've become so gadget crazy we didn't see the inevitable; the government using the very same toys we "must have", against us.

There isn't much of anything the government doesn't already know about us. All 'they' or anyone, for that matter, has to do is take a second to look.

We gave our privacy away the day we didn't read the privacy notice on our first gadget.

Crazy conspiracy theorists will have you believe that we're all being tracked, monitored, surveilled & far worse, mentally manipulated through sound waves that can control our brain and use it as a trigger to commit atrocious acts on others and then ourselves.

They are correct but irresponsible in dispensing the information. Information like that is plastered all over the internet and it's thrown in the junk mail folder because it's dismissed as delusions of a paranoid person.

The truth is that our government can do all of that and more, but can't possibly monitor all of us at once.

On the other hand, anyone connected, be it through social media, cell phone location features and even online banking, have given up most, if not all personal information by opening those virtual doors.

Our desire to have the latest technology to tinker and toy with has created a billion dollar dynasty for electronic and communication companies who make the same devices for the Department of Defense as well as the entire Clandestine Community.

The same people who make the planes we travel on also develop Super Sonic Air Force flying death machines like the latest craze in war weaponry, the drone.

So what makes you believe that the think tanks hired to design and create the mini NASA pocket computers you carry around in your purse or pants haven't been hired to do the same for the Federal Government?

Trust me when I tell you, that those amazing devices you can't live without are only accessible to us because the Government Agencies have found them obsolete compared to whatever it is they have now. Which will blow our minds in 10 years when it's unveiled for the "first time" at an 'Apple Convention'.

This made privacy the most serious issue and the threat we Americans face right now.

Guys, we are at the brink of war. This is a war like none ever fought before. This war must be fought at an intellectual level. We use the very same tool the government utilized to communicate with each other when bombing shit.

Our bombs won't be exploding, though, they will be exposing. Investigations, theories, cover-ups, sinister plans and many truths are finger tips away. All we have to do is take a second look..

This will involve a lot of work, though, but our freedom is worth working for and it sure as hell is worth fighting for. The victory will be sweetened by the fact that blood will never have to be shed to overcome the obstacles put in front of us.

With the right information, we can walk through the walls of the maze they've constructed to keep us distracted and enslaved...

The internet is a whole other world and you should enjoy it. I think porn sites are cool. I think stupid games are stupid but cool for anyone into it. The apps that make no sense to me should be enjoyed by those who want it.

All I'm saying is, just like in our world there is a whole other side. Only in this world, we can reach it far easier.

Here's an article by Nigel Todman for the Mint Press News where he tries to teach us how to stay off their grid...

Governments will eventually break these encryptions or make them ‘illegal’ and brand everyone using them a thought criminal and/or terrorist. But until that happens, Any one of these tools is effective ways to thwart mass surveillance and take back at least a little bit of your privacy. For now.

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