Thursday, May 18, 2017

FPR Blog 88: Climate Change and Taxation is Theft.

Jesus Christ, I don’t know how to start this blog.

Well, I guess I just did…

There’s so much to get into. I have so much material. I could write 16 blogs on the Donald states of America alone. However, I refuse to waste time, air or bandwidth on this fucking guy.

That’s not true, but I don’t Donald all the time like the mainstream news media.

So on this blog I tackle climate change and what could have been a little movement, but meat heads already killed it… Taxation is Theft.

By the way, I don’t tackle anything.

Monday, May 1, 2017

FPR Blog 87: SJW? Death Penalty, Cocaine and Taiwan NGO Hand Angels

What goes on Freedom Pop RadiO Faithful? FPR BLOG 87

Thanks for falling for the headline…

So I just finished a new episode of my solo show, The Brief which is airing on the FPR stream. Just click on the headphones on the right hand side of this page if you feel like listening.

Shameless plug. But, at the same time I need to eat shit for the opening of any blog I write to make you click on read more.

At least I’m honest…

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

FPR Blog 86: Introducing Bill O'Reilly's Replacement... Another Douche.

By now, anyone who cares and even those who don’t give a rats ass knows that Bill O'Reilly has been fired by FOX News.

Many people are happy and excited that this man is finally off television. But, it’s not like he’ll be hurting financially.

O'Reilly had just extended his already lucrative contract with the network.

FOX News will most likely pay him a lot of money for having to fire him over sexual harassment scandals, not for consistently lying and misreporting or any one of his many hypocritical statements....

Whatever, he’s gone. However, I do wonder if he’ll completely disappear or continue to broadcast or write books and or make appearances. Even better, the lecture and the town hall circuits.  I would love to see how those turn out.

So, O’reilly’s replacement is… No surprise.