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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

FPR Blog 31: Awareness helps you find the truth. U.S. Food Crisis.

Hello, friend, I hope you had a great weekend. I also hope you didn't BBQ any chicken shish kebabs. It hasn't been processed in the U.S. for a year now. It's being processed in China.

What's so wrong about that?

Well, if China kept it the chicken, it would be fine, but that's not the case.

After China receives the U.S. grown chicken, they'll process it for us...

No... That's not a typo... It's us they're doing this for.

China processes the chicken then have it sent back to the Chicken "farmers"... After that, they sell it to the grocery stores we buy chicken at.
This was decided over a year ago and still nothing on the news about it.... And, I believe the elite of the chicken farming industry never waited for the USDA to make it official in the first place.

The truth is if members of the chicken industry have been doing this without anyone's blessing, it wouldn't matter. They've been doing this with fish for a while and many, me included, had no idea.

I started this petition not because I thought it would get thousands of signatures and reverse the USDA's decision. But, I did hope that a few people with more followers and reach would be inspired to promote it or start their own movement. Only 33 people have signed... But, out of the mighty 33, 8 people left comments.

Before I list them, let me ask you again to please sign this petition. At the very least let your friends and family know that chicken is not the way to go.

If it isn't grass fed or purchased from a trusted grocer or butcher, then don't consume chicken.

White House Petition.

1. Judy Vicari ELIZABETH, CO 3 days ago

China does not have a good track record with their food oversight. We also need to keep jobs in the US.

2. Derrale Magee WINDSOR HEIGHTS, IA 11 days ago

Me and my family actually go to a farm in Iowa to get our meats, but I think everybody should have the opportunity to eat healthy chickens.

Melissa Moro UNION CITY, NJ 13 days ago
Our health & well-being


it's disgusting

4. Juan Rivera PERTH AMBOY, NJ 16 days ago

This idea is insane. Why would we send our food anywhere for processing let alone china? This needs to change.

Humbert Fernandez EAST STROUDSBURG, PA 17 days ago

The fact the USDA clearly has no intention of looking after the interests of the American People means that they cannot be trusted. I will personally ban all chicken consumption in my household on the basis of the aforementioned in this petition...

5. Jay Brenowitz MILLTOWN, NJ 17 days ago
The US shouldn't send our food to a foreign country to be processed. Anyone hear of the Asian Bird Flu?

6. Rebecca Brenowitz MILLTOWN, NJ 17 days ago

Keep our chicken on our land.... and all the processing that goes with it. We do need the jobs but also, there is NO REASON why they have to be shipped there and then returned. and yes, it's unhealthy; more time in route does create more opportunity for bacteria growth. RIDICULOUS!!! Thank you.

7. Sandy Dein REGO PARK, NY 17 days ago

This is truly disgusting. I don't trust anything that has been touched by anyone in China. That about jobs for Americans - this is just wrong!

8. Rene Suarez UNION CITY, NJ 18 days ago

This only helps the corporations bottom line and does nothing but kill more American jobs, increase our risk of food born illness and perpetuate the almost slave-like conditions Chinese workers have to deal with!

Here's the link to my White House Petition.

Thanks for reading.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

FPR Blog 30: Corporate Fascism. Criminal Slave Drivers Funded by Us.

I'm sorry about that headline, but it's true.

Every single gadget I own was made off the backs of children in 'slave wage' countries.

This is Corporate Fascism through mass force, unlawful means and manipulation.

Corporations are working together to rig pricing and are using children in third world countries to make the toys, gadgets, computers, cars and every other thing we buy.

You need a computer, you have just contributed to child slavery no matter the brand you buy.

FPR Blog 29: The War For Our Freedom is On! Infrastructure Hacks are just the Beginning.

Yesterday July 8, 2015, massive computer problems shook a few institutions, but the mainstream media is staying far away...

As soon as I woke up this morning, my wife had asked if I had heard anything earlier in the morning when I was still awake from the night before. She said a friend had posted a link to a Gawker article that read, "it's time to panic".

I looked it over, then went surfing the net to see if I would find any other sources. Not even the anonymous twitter contacts are saying anything about it. Outside of the "cryptic" NYSE tweet from two days ago, I see nothing on this.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

FPR Blog 28: NYSE Shut Down. Hack or Glitch, or Hack?

I had completely unplugged as of last night at 7:30 Pm, my body shut down and I fell in deep sleep and stayed that way till 1 PM today. (7.7.15-7.8.15)

However, I was constantly bothered by my phone going off like every 5 minutes as of 10 AM.

When I finally plugged in I saw what had happened.

As a follower of @youranonnews, I often see them on the thread but didn't notice the "you about to get got" tweet.

Anyway, by now most know that NY trading was suspended around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday due to what they called a "technical issue," which, funny enough they posted on twitter.

FPR Blog 27: GMO Exposed Part 4. Pesticides, Factory Farms and Our Revolution.

We all know that to protect plants from mites, rust, other pests and diseases, chemicals have to be used.

This is a process which results in what farmers call a “clean field.” Since the fields are cleansed of all weed, insects and disease of all life, it would, in fact, appear, cleansed. But, that word, cleansed, reminds me of religion a bit and the falsehood of the cleansing of souls.

So then, my question is, how safe, to humans, are the chemicals being used? I understand that agriculture is an extremely tough industry and it's attacked in many ways, both environmentally and politically.

I'm a realist, I don't expect farmers to lose crops and even more money, by not protecting them. But, again how safe are they?

This is my fourth blog on the subject and I had to split it in two because there was just too much information.

This subject series is far from over for me.