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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

FPR Blog 9: Section 215 May Collapse Entirely. Huge Patriot Act Reversal.

I've been following this issue as best I can with the resources I don't have. I've written a few blogs on privacy and mentioned Section 215 before.

This is an important part of the bill known as the Patriot Act. It's the leading issue for the government and for us. Even if we don't know it.

The government needs it for surveillance on all of us. We need to destroy it.

Look, I'm sure the government has a bunch of tricks up their sleeve when it comes to getting around the law, but section 215 gives them the right to invade our privacy.

Basically, the law states that the government can collect our phone data and emails. This is a huge constitutional issue and many are not taking it seriously enough.

Consider what we can start to loose, "by law"...

This is a very slippery slope and we're the ones that are going to fall, if we don't get our act together. The patriot act is a bad bill all around, but the good thing is that parts of it have to be renewed. If all works in our favor; meaning if Congress screws up, we can start to slowly get our freedom back.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

FPR Blog 8: You may want to know these 5 Surveillance Sites (AnonOp)

AnonHQ is reporting that there are five surveillance sites you need to be aware of...

The article goes into full detail on the surveillance sites and the type of system we're dealing with.

For instance, in the movie 'Minority Report' the main character walks into a store and is immediately recognized through retinal recognition software.

Anon HQ explains a similar type of software being used by retailers. As well as infrustructure systems and an entire city...

Number 1.

Shopper Tracking. (I'm calling it this because they didn't give the first one a name /':...)

"Tracking shoppers to gather information about target markets is becoming a reality in our tech savvy world. Shopperception, is a company which is offering large retailers like Walmart, motion-sensor cameras which can be deployed in places such as the eyes of mannequins. Along with this technology comes facial recognition software, that enables marketing strategists to assess how long it takes for you to make the decision to buy or not"...

You tell people this and they act like they know...

"Oh yea, please, that's been happening forever".

Actually, no it hasn't. It's only now happening because of our reckless spending and lack of self control.

Our technological age is being wasted on gadgets and monitoring. Due, in part of our need to have as much as we can.

The more debt 'they' let us accumulate the more we're willing to give them all of our information.

"Want no interest for a year? Allow us to do a DNA swab and fill out this entire 20 page form, then stand in line for your eye to get LAZERED".

Monday, May 25, 2015

FPR Blog 7: How Do We Justify This One, Officer?

Ok, so let's hear the reasoning behind this one officers...

I'm so tired of cops finding a reason for another cop's bad acts.

Not one I come accross can admit when one of their own was just WRONG!

I love cops, we need them and I respect them. But, this is not proper police conduct. This isn't even abuse of power.

I can't even call it senseless because that would mean these cops weren't thinking. They would need a brain to not think.

These cops shouldn't be allowed to wear a badge, let alone carry a gun.

FPR Blog 6: Crimes Against Humanity; Exposing The FBI and Child Protective Services. {Anon Op}

There are so many issues being debated these days, that it's hard to keep track of all of them.

We know of the really stupid, popular ones and a couple that could be important, but we don't really know what's what, because the media doesn't cover anything other than what will get them ratings.. They show us disasters and riots because they care. Truth is, nothing sells commercials like misery and sorrow, followed by hope.

There's one issue that should be at the top of the list, but that's reserved for cats and dogs.

I'm talking about the ones who's job it is to protect parentless kids. Child Protective Services gets to play judge, jury and executioner with children's lives, but who's judging them?

I would think people would be outraged with the way these "throw away" kids are treated, but there's something more important to them than at risk kids...